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Idea Gallery

Putting detailed thought into the interior design of your home or office space is an important part of creating a beautiful and functional environment. There are numerous ways to ensure your space functions properly and looks great. 

By using high-end doors and door hardware from Strongar Hardware in your interior design efforts, you are actually making a statement. You will also suddenly gain the ability to create a superior look that stands out and becomes a point of conversation.

Below are a number of examples where functionality has molded beautifully with design, to create unique and attractive spaces.

You will find a variety of uses for sliding doors and door hardware throughout your home and office. Sliding doors not only create space, but offer ways to reveal other room features in clever and intuitive ways. 

Sliding doors have the ability to take the interior design of your room to the next level. Simply installing regular swinging doors is an easy and expected answer when renovating spaces, but beautiful wood or glass sliding doors with elegant and attractive hardware provide generous design elements, which complement other aspects of your space. 

It is time to create the level of design your spaces deserve.