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Designer / Specialty Pull Handles

Luxury Modern Door Handles & Pulls:  Back-to-Back Designer / Specialty Pull Handles

Looking to redesign your entry doors, gates, shoplots or indoor environments such as boardrooms, conference rooms, bathrooms or bedrooms? Our exclusive range of luxury modern door handles and pulls handles will give a refined addition to your home and business. Strongar Hardware offers a perfect blend of contemporary and modern designs that suit the style requirements of residential, commercial and industrial markets. We offer unmatched standards in style, durability, and finish of decorative stainless steel handles.

Constructed of Stainless Steel 304 alloy material, Strongar Hardware’s luxury modern door handles and pulls are rust-free, corrosion-free, and heat and stain resistant. Most of Strongar Hardware door pulls can be mounted on timber, glass, fiberglass, and metal doors. They are available in a variety of material types and sizes. We have multiple designs in our portfolio, ranging from square, triangular and rectangular to bar-type cylindrical, C-shaped offset ladder, flat ladder, arch ladder, hour glass ladder to Olympic torch-shape door handles. The length of our handles ranges from 12 inches (small) to 72 inches (long/large). The stainless steel finishing on our products provides a luxurious feel and long-lasting life in both indoor and outdoor environments.