Make a Style Statement with Sliding Barn Door Systems from Strongar Hardware

5th Oct 2016

by Posted by John Baker

Your home is your castle, and as everyone knows, a first impression can last a lifetime. After all, there’s no way to change a first impression, so why not make it the best it can be? When you choose a wood or glass door sliding door barn hardware from Strongar Hardware, you are choosing quality, refinement, and an understated elegance that will always make a positive and lasting first impression.

Strongar Hardware offers their clients a variety of sliding barn door hardware that exactly suit their own personal style, as well as the home décor (or office) style they are trying to convey. Choose from hardware such as Circa, Eiffel, Gallant, Grand, Legacy, Lumina, Matrix, Nova, Spinner, and Victory. These systems are all made from 304 solid stainless steel, which means they are corrosion resistant, and with proper care and maintenance, will hold up their beauty and functioning for a very long time.

They are designed to perfectly match all types of wood and glass doors and will allow the entire working unit to be smooth and soundless. You can choose from rail lengths ranging from five feet to up to twenty feet (depending on the door width), as well as choosing from different door thicknesses, giving you maximum freedom to design your entryway precisely how you envision.

These Wood and Glass door sliding door systems work well in nearly any location. They might serve as the entranceway into a bedroom, hallway, office, bathroom, or into a modern kitchen. They can be installed to help create a contemporary yet nostalgic look for any office or boardroom area, or used as a gate into gardens. These door systems, when coupled with Strongar long door handle pulls and accessories, create a thoughtful and unique touch to any setting.

Strongar Hardware also offers shower door hardware and flat track door hardware in different finishes such as brushed (satin), polished, and black powder. If you ever need to customize your hardware, they encourage you to call their number at 1-800-259-7254 to come to an easy solution.