Barns Doors: ADA Compliant

15th Feb 2014

by Posted by Michael Handley

Not only are barn doors a great space saver, they add visual interest, and are ADA compliant as well.

Conventional bathroom doors have a swing or a hinged door. With barn doors the footprint is smaller and unlike pocket doors, no construction is required because the door stays outside the bathroom and slides in front of the opening.

By ADA standards, the clear width of a door opening must be a minimum of 32 inches. This clear width measurement is taken between the face of the door and the stop of the frame with the door open to 90 degrees (Figure A).

When using a barn door, the clear width opening of a minimum of 32 inches is the same. However, since ADA standards state that the operating hardware must be exposed and usable from both sides when the door is fully open the measurement is taken between different locations. (Figure B).

All products of Strongar Hardware can be manufactured to meet ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Note that many communities also have State or local accessibility codes enforced by local building inspectors. When local accessibility codes exist, you must follow both the code and the ADA requirements. To view all guidelines of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design please visit