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  • Lumina-WF Series
  • Lumina-WF Series Roller
  • Rail
  • Rail Bracket
  • Door Stops
  • Floor Guide
  • Flush Door Handle
  • End Caps

Lumina - WF Series - Polished (Mirror)

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Lumina-WF Series

Perfect for modern doors, these elongated tubular door rollers will modernize and brighten up any sliding door track system at home or work. The wood door hardware is made of 304 Stainless Steel grade material and can hold a weight of as much as 198 pounds. The rollers are designed to be installed on the face of a sliding door track system and hold 35mm – 45mm thickness. These elegant rollers make for silent, effortless movement of barn doors so anyone could operate the door. To determine the length of the rail, multiply the single door width by two or use a 6ft rail for a 3ft door.  The set comes standard with: 2 x door rollers; 1 x rail; 4 – 6 rail brackets; 2 x door stops; a floor guide; a flush door handle; 2 rail end caps and tools for quick installation.  

Double Door Components

If you want to add a second door to the rail select Quantity of Doors on Rail as 2.  

The double door components include:

(2) Door Rollers, (2) Door Stops, (1) Floor Guide, (1) Flush Door Handle

Determine Rail Length

Single Door: Multiply your single door width by two for optimum rail length.  For a 3 Ft. door, you would typically need a 6 Ft. rail.

Custom Rail Length

Contact us for custom rail lengths and applications.