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  • Gallant-WT Series II
  • Gallant-WT Series Roller II
  • Rail
  • Rail Bracket
  • Door Stop
  • Floor Guide
  • Flush Door Handle
  • End Caps

Gallant - WT Series II - Polished (Mirror)

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Gallant-WT Series II

This is truly unique barn door hardware that will make any door really eye-catching. The rollers are made of 304 solid Stainless Steel and can withstand up to 176 pounds in weight. They should be installed on top of a wood barn door. These rollers can hold 35mm – 45mm thickness and render barn doors silent, smooth and ultra-simple to operate. The components include: 4-6 rail brackets; 2 x door rollers; 1 x rail 1” in diameter; 2 x door stops; floor guide; flush door handle; rail end caps and tools for easy installation. If you require custom applications, kindly contact us.

Double Door Components

If you want to add a second door to the rail select Quantity of Doors on Rail as 2.

The double door components include:

(2) Door Rollers, (2) Door Stops, (1) Floor Guide, (1) Flush Door Handle

Determine Rail Length

Single Door: Multiply your single door width by two for optimum rail length.  For a 3 Ft. door, you would typically need a 6 Ft. rail.

Custom Rail Length

Contact us for custom rail lengths and applications.