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  • Door Stop - 03

Door Stop - 03 (Mirror Finish)

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Door Stop 03, Mirror Finish

Boost your sliding door and entrance with these metal door stops and enjoy a silent, simple operation. The set of stops are intended to stop doors from running off their rails and are made of 304 solid Stainless Steel grade material. The stainless steel hardware can be adjusted at any point along the rail. Thanks to the plastic bumpers on the door stops, the opening and closing of every door will be soundless. Wood-door systems (including the Gallant and Circa series) and glass-door systems (like the Placid and Grand series) will work with this brilliant door idea.

Suitable for the following models:

Wood Door Systems:  Gallant-WT Series, Circa-WT Series, Grand-WF Series, Legacy-WT Series, Lumina-WF, Matrix Series, Victory-WT Series, Lumina-WT Series, Grand-WT Series, Spinner-WT Series, Victory-WF Series

Glass Door Systems:  Lumina-GF, Placid-GF Series, Spider-GF Series, Victory-GF Series, Grand-GF Series